Our Mission

Leading Independence - Inspiring achievement - Fulfilling potential - Empowering success

Keehan 2 Achieve strives to LEAD children and young people with encouragement and support to become independent and motivated lifelong learners. Our Team will offer a wide range of activities to INSPIRE young minds so they can realise and FULFILL their true potential. We practice a balance of expectations and encouragement to meet individual needs, so young people feel EMPOWERED to succeed in LIFE.

Who we are

Keehan 2 Achieve is an unregistered alternative education provision providing short – term vocational learning, Tutoring, mentoring, and personal and social development coaching.
Our team have many years and a wealth of experience in working with young people with additional needs including but not limits to ADHD, ASD, Attachment Disorders, ODD, PDA, Anxiety, Social, Emotional Mental Health Needs.

We design and provide timetables for developing young people awaiting specialist school placements, having difficulties accessing or coping with a traditional school setting.

Our primary focus is to get young people in to the ‘right’ place socially and emotionally to enable them to access a more formal education.

Our maximum programme is 15 hours per week the hours can be broken up in to 5 x 3 hours session across the week or 3 days of 5 hours. We always try to be flexible to provide hours around other appointments or sessions with other providers and school lessons where required.

A typical session
• Collection from home / school
• Settling activity
• Activity working towards targets / outcomes detailed in referral
• A more social, fun activity
• Chat about sessions achievements and next steps for following session what went well what can be improved
• Dropped back home / school

Why Choose Us

We are experienced in working with those who have; 

·        Autistic Spectrum Conditions

·        Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

·        Attachment Disorders

·        Oppositional Defiance Disorder

·        Pathological Demand Avoidance

Low self-esteem

·        Anxiety

Adverse Childhood Experiences

·        Social / Emotional / Mental Health needs.


How Can We Help 

Check out our services available to help you achieve. 


Contact Info

Keehan 2 Achieve Ltd

High Mead Farm Ham Lane Ferndown BH22 9DR

Business days 9AM - 5PM

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